Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screenings in Youngtown, AZ

Oral cancer screening may not be something that you think about as often as other types of cancer screenings, but that does not mean that it should be ignored. Indeed, oral cancer may not receive the same media attention that breast cancer or other types of the disease do, so many patients are unaware of some alarming facts about it. If it’s been more than a year since your last comprehensive dental exam, it’s time to schedule an appointment for oral cancer screening near you from our dentists near you at Agua Fria Dental.

Facts About Oral Cancer

Here are some interesting facts about oral cancer that you may not have heard before:

  1. Almost 25 percent of oral cancer is diagnosed in a patient with no history of tobacco use.
  2. Even though risk factors for the disease increase with a person’s age, it can affect a person of any age.
  3. Alcohol use increases a person’s risk of developing oral cancer by as much as 30 percent.
  4. The age demographics for the disease are changing due to the increased number of younger patients having a human papillomavirus infection.
  5. Like many other forms of cancer, many of the symptoms of oral cancer go unnoticed by a patient at home.

While it is possible (and recommended) that patients perform a monthly self-exam for oral cancer at home by examining the inside of their oral cavity, the equipment used in a professional setting, such as what we use here at Agua Fria Dental, is the preferred early screening.

What the Cancer Foundation Recommends

The Oral Cancer Foundation reports that the disease can frequently grow without producing pain or symptoms patients might notice at home. Also, because this type of cancer has a high risk of producing second primary tumors, early detection and treatment are critical. However, with early detection and treatment, patients can benefit from a 90 percent chance of survival.

Is it Time for Your Annual Screening?

Our dentists in Youngtown, AZ have many patients who visit Agua Fria Dental for their annual oral cancer screenings during the same month they receive other cancer screenings such as mammography or PSA testing. We invite you to book an appointment today to make regular oral cancer screening a part of your wellness program.