Top Reasons for Undergoing Teeth Cleanings and Oral Exams

Top Reasons for Undergoing Teeth Cleanings and Oral Exams

January 3, 2022

Pearly whites are designed to be with you for an entire lifetime. This is why they are the sturdiest substance in the body. However, they need you to show them love every day for them to go the long haul. Each day they are subjected to different substances that can cause them to be weak. This is why you need to clean them after meals.

But, this is not enough. Regularly visiting our dentist for cleaning and dental exams can ensure that your smile is healthy.

Some people only decide to visit our dentist when they have a pressing issue. However, read on to understand why regularly visiting our dentist for exams and cleaning is an excellent idea.

Oral Exams and Teeth Cleanings Could Enhance Your Overall Health

Most people don’t know that most dentists can tell if you have an issue with your overall health just by having a glance at your oral cavity. Our dentist can tell the early signs of heart disease, diabetes, eating disorders, osteoporosis, and other conditions by examining the mouth.

This is so because your smile is tethered to your overall health. For instance, if you have diabetes, your immune system becomes more susceptible to infection. This leads to a higher risk of suffering from periodontitis or gingivitis.

Additionally, our dentist will be able to detect early signs of oral cancer before it spreads to the other parts of your body. You have better odds of getting better if the disease is caught early. Therefore, regularly visiting our dentist for routine oral cancer screenings can help you know what’s going on instead of assuming everything is okay.

Teeth Cleaning Help Remove Dental Plaque and Tartar

Some people may assume that since they religiously brush their teeth, our dentist will not need to clean their teeth. However, dental plaque may hide between your teeth and along your gum line even though you clean them each day.
Plaque forms after you eat food, and food particles get stuck on your teeth. So, bacteria will move to consume the food particles. Then, the sticky substance known as plaque forms. It is a combination of saliva, bacteria, and food debris.

Plaque formation is inevitable, even if you brush your teeth after meals. However, it reduces the destructive effects of plaque. But if plaque sits for long periods without being removed, it hardens to form a substance known as tartar. At this stage, regular brushing will not remove the hardened plaque.

You might be tempted to remove tartar by brushing harder or scraping your teeth. If you choose to go down this road, then you will damage your enamel.

But the fantastic news is that our dentist can remove tartar without harming your enamel. Additionally, our dentist can also remove hidden plaque and tartar, thus preventing cavities and gum disease.

Remember that tartar or calculus can only be removed by a professional.

Oral Cancer Screenings and Cleanings Help Care for Aging Teeth

As you already know, aging is a natural and inevitable process. So, it is expected that your teeth might not be as sturdy as they once were. However, this doesn’t mean that you accept that missing teeth, having discolored or damaged teeth is the norm.

Countless people still have all their teeth since they regularly visit our dentist for cleanings, dental exams, and oral cancer screenings, which help keep the teeth clean and healthy.

As age catches up with us, the teeth might become yellow. If this happens to you, teeth whitening and other teeth whitening treatments can give your smile the shine it deserves.

How Often Are Dental Exams Necessary?

Oral exams are necessary because they allow our dentist to find potential signs of gum disease, tooth decay, and even life-threatening diseases such as oral cancer. There are dental issues that don’t show any signs or cause pain until the problem is advanced.

Therefore, visiting our dentist is an essential part of your oral health care. So, for the best results, schedule exams after every six months. However, if you have periodontitis or any other issue, additional visits may be necessary to handle those issues.

We Are Here for You

As you have read above, dental visits are essential for excellent oral health. Don’t wait for pain or other signs to show so that you can come to our office, schedule regular dental appointments. If you have any dental concerns, contact our dentist at Agua Fria Dental, and we would love to help you.