The Night Before Root Canal Treatment

The Night Before Root Canal Treatment

March 1, 2022

The dentist near you advises root canal treatment in severe tooth decay cases when it has reached the pulp. When the pulp gets badly damaged and infected with bacteria, it starts forming an abscess and pus.

If ignored for longer, abscess build-up can result in serious dental problems and tooth loss. Although the procedure is painless, patients need to prepare before going to the dentist in Youngtown, AZ. It will ensure that the root canal procedure and recovery go as stress-free as possible.

How to Prepare the Night Before a Root Canal?

Below are the essential things to keep in mind before your root canal:

1. Discuss All Your Concerns 

It is vital to understand the whole procedure and what is happening.

So, during your consultation with the dentist near you, ask all your questions when preparing for root canal treatment.

If there is anything that you fail to understand, the expert will help you out. He/she will also provide aftercare tips so that you can return to your everyday routine and heal quickly post-surgery.

2. Talk About Your Nervousness

Your orthodontist makes nervous patients calmer during their procedure. If you have any anxiety, talk about it to the expert.

3. Take a Good Night Sleep Properly

Ensure you get a full good night’s sleep the night before you get your treatment. It will make your body relaxed and alert at the dental clinic. Furthermore, it also makes the recovery process as smooth as possible.

4. Consume a Healthy Diet

Consume a full meal a few hours before visiting the dental clinic. Pick nutrient-rich foods as they will make your body heal faster. Make sure you avoid spicy and hot drinks and foods such as soups, gravy foods, coffee, etc. They interfere with the regeneration of gum tissues.

Take more yogurt, smoothies, sugarless milkshakes, oatmeal, etc. These drinks help in soothing the operated region and offer proper nourishment.

5. Avoid Consuming Pain Killing Medicines

Do not take pain-killing medicines before root canal treatment to get relief of toothache. The specialist will give you an anesthetic before surgery. Therefore, you do not need extra numbing to the region.

6. Do Not Have Antibiotics

Taking antibiotics before the procedure can create trouble. If you want to have it, let your orthodontist know about it to avoid adverse reactions.

7. Avoid Drinking and Tobacco Products

Avoid tobacco for 24 hours before the procedure. Drinking the night before your canal treatment is also not a good idea. Because it can make discomfort much worse. The dentist will inject the local anesthesia into the gums of patients. It may have a bad reaction to alcohol and tobacco.

8. Have Something

After the orthodontist injects the anesthetic, the mouth of the patient feels numb for a few hours. It makes it tough to consume food. That is why eating before the procedure makes recovery much more comfortable.

9. Freeze Ice 

Prepare ice packs or freeze some ice before your root canal appointment. The cold compress will serve as pain relief for your treated tooth when the anesthesia fades away.

10. Discuss Aftercare 

The root canal therapy does not finish when you leave the dental office. It means you still need to take care of the operated area till it heals well. You can discuss the aftercare tips with the dentist to ensure a speedy recovery.

11. Carry Your X-Ray Results

The dentist may require x-ray test results for evaluation for carrying out the procedure. So, it is best to have them ready with you.

12. Contact Your Dental Insurance Provider

If you have dental insurance, contact the provider to make them aware of canal treatment. Make sure you get all your payment methods ready. It will allow you to have a hassle-free payment at your dental office.

13. Ask Someone Close to Accompany You

Inform someone about your root canal treatment. Also, ask him/her to drive you home safely.

Is it OK to Drink the Night Before a Root Canal?

No. Patients should strictly avoid tobacco and alcohol consumption before the root canal. Alcohol makes the mouth dry while the tobacco can create adverse reactions. It even makes recovery much tougher.

Dealing with Severe Tooth Infection? Get Root Canal Now

Before your root canal, there are several things to keep in mind to prepare for the treatment successfully. To know more about the preparation, request an appointment at Agua Fria Dental today.