All You Need to Know About Tooth Extraction

August 2, 2022

Severe tooth decay, infection, and overcrowding of teeth are some of the reasons you may...

What Instructions Are To Be Followed After Extraction?

July 1, 2022

After a tooth has been pulled out, you must take proper care of the socket...

How To Manage Pain After Oral Surgery?

June 1, 2022

What is Oral Surgery? Oral surgery is performed on your mouth to remove or correct...

Mandatory Precautions to Take After Root Canal Therapy

May 1, 2022

A root canal therapy is an endodontic procedure that involves removing the infected dental pulp...

Precautions to Take before Root Canal Treatment

April 4, 2022

Root canals have a fearsome reputation as being painful when in reality, they help alleviate...

The Night Before Root Canal Treatment

March 1, 2022

The dentist near you advises root canal treatment in severe tooth decay cases when it...

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